La boite à CPAP
Clinic specialized in sleep apnea treatment and diagnosis


Sleep apnea: an under-diagnosed health problem

Sleep apnea has long been considered a rare and benign disease: the main symptoms, fatigue and snoring, appear as commonplace signs.

Today, with the help of research, improved diagnosis and screening, sleep apnea is recognized as a serious public health problem that is unfortunately still under-diagnosed by doctors.

According to the Quebec Lung Association, about one in four adults (26%) report symptoms of sleep apnea with risk factors, but only just over 858,000 people above the age of 18 are diagnosed in Quebec.

La boite à CPAP: a local service to help you sleep better

At La Boite à CPAP clinic, our health professionals who specialize in diagnosing and treating sleep apnea offer a personalized and friendly service, while ensuring that requests are processed and test results are received with the shortest delay possible.

We offer regular follow-up to our patients undergoing treatment with CPAP devices and work closely with the attending physicians to ensure that our patients adjust to the device quickly and efficiently.

We are available at all times to answer our clients’ questions and concerns. At our clinic, every client is unique and accommodated based on their needs.


We offer our services at your home in Greater Montreal or at our clinic on St-Denis Street in Montreal.

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